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BoredArt backs Yuga Labs IP ecosystem, local farmers, Art & event & curate. Building good with Fam and Art communities.

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Popil; Founder of BoredTea & Bored Art

Popil is an XR Artist and Filmmaker, known as the founder of BoredTea & BoredArt LLC.

BoredIn Founder, Building MBA & Bored IP Newsletter and Live Space.

She is currently working on the projects 'Magic Forest No Sleep' and 'NoSleep podcast,' while also having previously served as a community manager at OpenSea. As a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and affiliated with Made by Apes, she is passionate about bridging the Web3 IP ecosystem with IRL products and events

Until now BoredArt LLC own four Made By Ape4 license

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I believe data comes from good content

Traditional handmade crossover with Web3

Building good and fun in Web3 & IRL