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ApeCoin creators & Bored IP Meetup —Sept 24th 2023

GlobalPizzaParty May 22th.2023

Boston Pizza party

Hey Boston Fam! Come join #GlobalPizzaParty, BoredTea will join @BTCPizzaDayBOS .
Support giveaway special BoredTea designs by artists Natebear and Popil! organizing by PizzaDAO & RarePizzas

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BoredTea Joined VeeCon

VeeCon 2023

BoredTea joined VeeCon 2023. Bring fun & derivative art to VeeCon. Support Yuga Labs IP Ecosystem. and WoW breakfast meetup

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Special derivative art 2023


BoredTea join NFT.NYC 2023 and offers free New York Tea bags giveways.

Join our special NYC Outfit by Popil and celebrate this April with BAYC & MAYC fam. Follow us on Twitter for details.

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Bored Tea NFT. NYC Award

NFT. NYC Award

GM! BoredTea NFT. NYC Award is ready for Special Tea Treasure Hunt! Starting from April 12-15! Learn detail below And please follow us before we start for an event update!
BoredTea. We Support the local framers & art. with all fam Community!

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    APR 12th 9PM - 1AM

    BoredTea will join A BORING EVENT event host by Big Apple Apes. will be giveaways BoredTea "NFT. NYC "Tea bags,special collaboration with Big Apple Apes. Nothing better than party together!

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  • Crypto CityCamps & NYC Bus Loop

    BoredArt and BoredTea founder Popil will participate as artists in Crypto CityCamps & NYC Bus Loop by BlockBeats Media and offer free BoredTea Tea Bags at the event. RSVP required.

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  • Yuga labs IP ecosystem by Forj

    FEB 5,2022

    Pleasure to join the Bored Ape fam Research. BoredTea Included in Yuga labs IP ecosystem by Forj

Xmar derivative art 2022

BoredTea Exhibition

DEC 22- Dec 31, 2022.

Xmas BoredTea exhibition In Toronto! 30+ Influencer Holder's Ape Showcase! Thanks for all influences Homie Ape to join!

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