NoSleep x Alimo

Discovering Joy in the NYC City

A few weeks ago, we interviewed the versatile artist Alimo, known for bridging Fine Art and NFTs. Despite a busy exhibition in New York, he shared his creative process, travel experiences, and cheerful spirit. His vibrant artworks reflect his unique style and a romantic escape from city life. I'm thinking of adding an Alimo-designed hoodie to my winter wardrobe.

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NoSleep x Brian Morris

The incredible glass painting style

Two years ago, during a time of isolation, we met Brian at Clubhouse where artists gathered to explore Web3 and share art and NFTs. I admire Brian's work as he delves deep into the structure of objects, reimagining them in his unique glass style. His exceptional skills have made him stand out in the Web3 art space.

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NoSleep x DRES13.eth

MARGE: Assassin

This week, we're excited to have DRES13 discussing his unique artwork and ongoing project, "MARGE: Assassin," which reimagines Marge Simpsonaru as a sword-wielding avenger in Springjuku. His 1/1 and edition artworks vividly bring this world to life. DRES13's creative transformation of the classic character is truly inspiring, and we look forward to collaborating with him. Best wishes to DRES13 for more creative masterpieces in Marge's world of vengeance.

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Build your NFT marketplace with RARIBLE's Free tools

NoSleep podcast issue #001. features an interview with our favorite artist TAYLOR.WTF and NoSleep founder POPIL. The discussion is about “Build your NFT MArketplace with Rarible's free tools.” The interview covers why and how the artist chose Rarible to build their NFT marketplace. We hope this interview inspires you!

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Magic forest no sleep x Sougen

Magic forest no sleep x Sougen Metaverse

In 2022. NoSleep and Magic Forest No Sleep have joined the Sougen Metaverse! Magic Forest No Sleep holders can now use their Fuzzy in our Metaverse. If you hold a Magic Forest No Sleep NFT, you can exchange it for a FuzzyBean-themed avatar in Sougen's Metaverse.

Sougen is a web-first metaverse, offering a barrier-free experience for millions of users.

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