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BoredTea Matcha Set

BoredTea Matcha Set

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BoredTea Matcha - 5 Cup set


The set includes:

1. One bag of Matcha ( the quantity or portion of 5 cups)

2. One poster of the Matcha Tutorial  

3. Free Stickers


🙌  Detail:

1. BAYC / MAYC holder token-gate with Tokenpoof gets 10% off.

2.  Use code "Chill" for free shipping on order over 50$

3. Suggestion: Please place your order as soon as possible. We will ship all orders together before December 16th. In most cases, you should receive them on Christmas Eve.

4. * Powered by ApeCoin, Winning proposal from Popil for Thank Ape x ApeCoin.

5. Limited supply!


Snowfall BoredTea Bar

$Ape Special Gift Set. A special edition gift box designed by frens x BoredTea Matcha. both Brands from Made by Apes. Featuring rich, silky chocolate paired with organic matcha. Encouraging users to sweetly enrich their entire winter through convenient online shopping with $Ape

About frens x BoredTea

We're the best IRL Bored IP fam, creating cool events and products together.

🍵 BoredTea; Designed by Popil, Founder of BoredTea and BoredArt LLC. 20 years+ of Artist experience, worked with Nike, Moma, Apple, and procreate.

Three-time SE 2 ThankApe X ApeCoin proposal winner.

MAYC #27002 / MBA #00035

🍫 frens; Founder by Seoh. 15 years+ Chocolate experience

building frens chocolates & nfppod • investor Saasylabs

Boredbrewingco • ip maxi • TeamSX83 racing NA strategy

MAYC #1926 / MBA #00120


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