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BoredTea Matcha

BoredTea Matcha

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BoredTea Matcha - 5 Cup set

The set includes:

1. One bag of Matcha ( the quantity or portion of 5 cups)

2. Free Stickers

🙌  Detail:

1. BAYC / MAYC holder token-gate with Tokenpoof gets 10% off.

2.  Use code "Chill" for free shipping on orders over 50$

3. Suggestion: Please place your order as soon as possible. We will ship all orders together before December 16th. In most cases, you should receive them on Christmas Eve.

5. Limited supply!


About frens x BoredTea

We're the best IRL Bored IP fam, creating cool events and products together.

🍵 BoredTea; Designed by Popil, Founder of BoredTea and BoredArt LLC. 20 years+ of Artist experience, worked with Nike, Moma, Apple, and procreate.

MAYC #27002 / MBA #00035

🍫 frens; Founder by Seoh. 15 years+ Chocolate experience

building frens chocolates & nfppod • investor Saasylabs

Boredbrewingco • ip maxi • TeamSX83 racing NA strategy

MAYC #1926 / MBA #00120

About BoredTea
BoredTea: Bringing Web3 IP to IRL. Supporting Yuga Labs, World of Women, and CoolCats, Mocavers,  ecosystems. We're all about organic tea, art, and events, uplifting local farmers and refugees. 

Produced by BoredArt LLC.

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