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GM Chill

GM Chill

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GM Chill BoredTea - Six Bags of single-package

Kit Contents:

  • Six Bags of single-package GM Chill BoredTea
  • One BoredTea sticker.
  • One BAKC Fam postcard.


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      GM Chill BoredTea

      Super Mint, Lemon Thyme & Nettle Chill way to awaken your energy for the day - boost with some Vitamin C

      About BoredTea
      BoredTea: Bringing Web3 IP to IRL. Supporting Yuga Labs, World of Women, and CoolCats IP ecosystems. We're all about organic tea, art, and events, uplifting local farmers and refugees. 

      About CoolFam - We are the Coolcast family, and Made By Apes.
      Hi, We are CoolFam. We enjoy adventuring in web3 and bringing IP into reality. We love sharing fun and handmade experiences with our family. We hope you'll enjoy our workshop.

      Produced by BoredArt LLC.

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